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What will happen now?

Your therapist will make contact with you to talk about and or arrange a teletherapy session with you.

If this isn’t going to work for you we will talk through all of the options we have available.

For all of our private clients this first session comes at a 50% discount price! (Please note this excludes all clients on ACC, High and Complex Needs, Intensive Wrap Around Service or PCSS)

The first session will be part therapy and part tech solutions and setup.

It’s super important to us that we get this right and want to make sure all of the hard work you have done so far is not lost.

The good news is: This is NOT a worst-case scenario. Teletherapy has good research to back it up and we know that the outcomes are equal if not better than face to face. So lucky we have been forced in this direction. It might be a solution for many of our clients in far reaching places.

We are already underway with Teletherapy many of our clients and we are all loving it!

We will aim to keep therapy sessions in similar slots to how they are currently provided or work out the best solution with you. We will continue to offer our 60min, 45min and 30 min sessions. But as a bonus offer we are also going to provide 20min sessions that can occur once or twice a week.

Thanks so much for your support at this time.

We love our job and know we can continue to support all of our wonderful people with their communication.

Keep an eye out for all of our tips and tricks on our Facebook page and Instagram. We are going to be sharing different ways to support communication in your house in the lockdown period.


Kia Kaha

Bridget McArthur