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 What is TeleTherapy?

During COVID 19 the Shout team had to find a new way of working with our clients. TeleTherapy has been around for some time and we realised that we had to start using it!

We use the Zoom platform and this allows us to use a wide range of tools to really engage with the people we work with.


Benefits of TeleTherapy

Teletherapy has good research to back it up and we know that the outcomes are equal if not better than face to face. We feel lucky that Covid 19 re-focused us to consider an alternative therapy model.

We  have continued to use it even as we worked our way through the Alert levels and it has improved the level of service we can offer to more rural, remote based clients.

It also reduces our wait times – if your local therapist has a full caseload – we can get another therapist out of your region to provide via TeleTherapy.

We offer 60 min, 45 min and 30 min sessions by TeleTherapy just as we would face to face.

We regularly use Teletherapy with many of our clients and we are all loving it!

If you don’t feel familiar with using Zoom, don’t worry – our first session is part therapy and part tech solutions and setup. Our team will make sure everything goes smoothly.

To see how it works check out this Video;


 Kia Kaha

Bridget McArthur